Faculty/Office Hours


Adjunct Faculty
Suzanne Blancaflor
(860) 465-5027
Paul Canavan
(860) 465-5027
Susan Capasso
(860) 465-5027
Diana DiMarco
(860) 465-5027
Rochelle Gimenez
(860) 465-5027
Pallavi Limaye
(860) 465-5027

Amy Bataille, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Courses Taught: Anatomy and Physiology I and II
Research Interests: Systems physiology, molecular mechanisms of renal physiology, renal secretion of uric acid
(860) 465-4002, Science Building, Room 131C

Yaw Nsiah, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Sciences and Adjunct Faculty for Biology
Courses Taught: Virology, Microbiology, Introduction to Public Health, Immunology, Biotechnology, Epidemiology for the Liberal Arts and Microbes and Your Health
Research Interests: Development of anti-infective against bacteria and viruses, Identification of pharma coactive compounds from tropical plant leaves.
(860) 465-4524, Science Building, Room 131A

Barbara Porebska, M.D., M Ed.

Assistant Professor
Courses Taught: Introduction to Health Sciences and laboratory, Foundations in Health Sciences, Anatomy and Physiology I laboratory.
Areas of interest: Human systems pathology, brain physiology and pathology, brain regeneration, addictions and brain development.
(860) 465-5036, Science Building, Room 131B

Anita Lee, D.P.E

Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Courses Taught: HSC 430 Statistics in Health and Exercise Sciences, HSC 302 Research Methods in the Health Sciences
Research Interests: Measurement, evaluation, and assessment of physical activity and exercise science; research methods and design in exercise and health sciences; physical activity epidemiology.
(860) 465-0227, Goddard Hall Room 120

Mary Kenny, PhD, MPH

Professor, Department of Anthropology, Criminology and Social Work
Coordinator of Anthropology minor program
Courses Taught: Research Methods in the Health Sciences; Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Violence; Women and Work; Race, Ethnicity and Transnational Identity; Urban Anthropology; Brazil Study/Tour
Research Interests: Health Inequities, Reproductive Health, Medical Tourism, Organ trafficking
(860) 465-0192, Webb Hall Room 429

Ashley Bissonnette, PhD

Assistant Professor
Courses taught: Introduction to Public Health, Health Policy, Conflict and Native American Health, Health Topics Seminar
Research Interests: Conflict and Native American Health, Trauma and Minority Health, Health Disparities, Ethnomedicine and Food Policy.
(860) 465-5258, Science Building Room 165 (Math Wing)