Public Health (Minor)

Public Health (Minor)

The minor in Public Health Studies teaches students about public health issues at the local, state, national and international level. Courses introduce students to concepts governing the spread of diseases, techniques of disease surveillance, the impact of environmental quality and security on public health, as well as the psychological and sociological factors that affect health dynamics at the population/community scale. The field internship experience provides access to real-life community health problems from a variety of disciplines, depending on the type of agency involved.

Required Courses: 18 credits

BIO 202 Human Biology* 3

BIO/PBH 206 Epidemiology for the Liberal Arts 3

BIO/PBH 228 Introduction for Public Health 3

HPE 209 Nutrition and Public Health Issues 3

PBH 494 Field Internship in Public Health 3

Choose one:

BIS 462 Health Care Informatics 3

COM 464 Public Relations 3

EES/PBH 323 Drinking Water Management 3

PSY 325 Health Psychology 3

*It is recommended that BIO 202 be taken before BIO 228