Waiving Student Sickness Insurance Charges

Waiving Student Sickness Insurance Charges

If you have your own health insurance, please review your coverage carefully to see if it will meet your needs while you are at school. Some policies will cover you only if you see your primary care provider or if you obtain services from a pre-approved list of providers. (Keep in mind the primary care services at Eastern’s Student Health Service Office are essentially free no matter what insurance you have. However, services provided off campus, such using the local emergency department, seeing a local specialist, or getting an ex-ray or blood test done do require insurance coverage.) If, after reviewing your policy, you feel it adequately covers your needs and you do not want the University-sponsored sickness insurance, you must waive it or you will be responsible for that portion of your bill. This waiver process must be completed at the start of each new academic year. Access to the online waiver site begins June 1st with the deadline to waive on October 15th for the fall semester; for the spring semester, the waiving period starts November 15th and ends March 15th.

Please note: A late processing fee of $65 will be charged to all students who request a waiver after the waiving deadlines.

Insurance Waiver Instructions

  • Access the secure area of E-Web
  • Enter your Eastern ID number provided on your acceptance letter.
  • Enter your PIN which is your birth date in MMDDYY format (e.g., 041389 if your birthday is April 13, 1989). If your birth date is not on file, your PIN is initially the last 6 digits of your Eastern ID number.
  • From the Main Menu, choose: “Student Services”.
  • From Student Services, choose: “Student Account”.
  • Choose “Student Insurance Waiver”.
  • From here, follow the instructions for entering your insurance information in order to waive the sickness insurance. Please make sure you enter the policy number and group number if both are available. Address information is often found on the back of your insurance card if one has been issued. DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR INFORMATION. The waiver will post to your account in 24 hours so please check your account to make sure that has happened.

For questions or problems related to Steps 2 and 3 above (Login to Secured Area of E-Web), please call the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 860-465-4346. For questions about student insurance billing, opt-out procedures or waiving deadlines, please call the Bursar’s Office at 860-465-5276.

If the waiver is submitted prior to the fall term, it will carry over to the spring term. Students wishing to obtain the insurance after submitting a waiver may contact the Bursar’s Office (860) 465-5255. Students participating in the Aetna Health Insurance in the fall may still waive the health insurance for the spring term beginning in November following the above instructions.

The Aetna Health Insurance policy does not impact the accident insurance policy, which is purchased for each full-time student and funded from the University General Fee.  The accident insurance policy covers accidental injuries sustained while at the university, as well as elsewhere.

On or about July 15, 2016, a link to information to policy information pertaining to both insurance plans will be available on Aetna’s website, www.aetnastudenthealth.com. If you have questions related to the insurance policy coverage or benefits, please contact Aetna Student Health at (877) 375-4244.

For more information about the University-sponsored insurance plan visit www.aetnastudenthealth.com

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