Insurance Information

Insurance Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of FALL 2017, students are no longer required to have health insurance to attend Eastern. Also, the University will no longer be sponsoring a student health insurance plan to students. All of this means students no longer have to complete an online insurance waiver form. Despite these changes, the Student Health Service Office not only strongly recommends but URGES all students (full time, part time and graduate) to have adequate health insurance coverage. Even though services in our office are free or have minimal cost, if you don’t have adequate health insurance, access to off-campus care could be limited, your health could be affected, and you and your family could end up with some extremely costly medical bills and serious financial difficulties should you suffer a serious illness, require surgery or suffer a serious accident. Also, please be sure you have your current health insurance information with you here at school (health insurance card or other document with the name of insurance, policy number, policy holder, and the insurance company’s claims address.) We will be asking you for this information when you call or come in for an appointment

For students who need insurance, you have several options: You can purchase a plan at the Aetna website directly from Aetna rather than through Eastern. (See below for details and cost.) Or you can go to Access Health CT to find out what insurance options are available in the Connecticut insurance exchange marketplace, or you can call 1-855-354-2428. Through the Access Health CT enrollment portal or contact center, you can find out if you are eligible for either no-cost coverage under Medicaid (enrollment in Medicaid is open year-round), or for tax credits for private insurance plans on the exchange. For students who are not Connecticut residents, you can look for insurance options at

Also, please note that all full time students at Eastern, regardless of what health insurance they have, will continue to be automatically covered, throughout the 12 month-year, under an ACCIDENT INSURANCE policy. The cost of this accident policy, which covers accidents both on and off campus, is included in the general University fee each full time student pays. This accident policy is an excess or secondary policy meaning the insurance plan will pay only accident-related costs that are not covered by a student’s other (primary) health insurance policy.

Aetna Sickness Insurance Plan: The table below highlights the 2017-18 cost of the plan being offered directly by the Company. This plan is no longer being sponsored by or offered through the University as it has in the past. Therefore, any student who wants to purchase and enroll in this plan, please do so at the Aetna website. (You also can find more details about the plan and obtain an insurance ID card there.) The enrollment periods for this plan will be 7/15/17-9/30/17 and 12/15/17-1/31/18. Because this plan is voluntary, students DO NOT have to waive it if they DO NOT want it.

2017-2018 -- VOLUNTARYFull year 8/1/18-7/31/19Fall Semester 8/1/18-
Spring Semester 1/1/19-
Part time Student--sickness and accident insurance. (Must sign up for plan through Aetna website.)




Full time Student -- (domestic and international)--sickness plan only (Must sign up for plan through Aetna website.)$4600$1928$2,672

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