Insurance Information


Insurance Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting in FALL 2017, students will no longer be required to have health insurance to attend Eastern and the University will no longer be offering a student health insurance plan to students. However, the Student Health Service Office not only strongly recommends but URGES all students to have adequate health insurance coverage. Even though services in our office are free or have minimal cost, if you don’t have adequate health insurance, you and your family could end up with some extremely costly medical bills and serious financial difficulties should you suffer a serious illness or accident, or need surgery for something like appendicitis. Also, please make sure you have your current health insurance information with you here at school (health insurance card or other documents with the name of insurance, policy number, policy holder, claims address.) Connecticut students needing insurance can find out more about available insurance resources and plans at the Access Health CT website, Students from other states needing insurance can check out those states’ insurance exchanges or marketplaces on the Internet.

For the remaining spring 2017 semester, Eastern still requires that all full-time students carry sickness insurance to cover medical care not provided by the University’s Student Health Service. All full-time students will be automatically enrolled and billed for sickness insurance unless they waive such coverage by providing specifics of alternative coverage. Please review your insurance coverage carefully to see if it will meet your needs while you are here at school.

If you believe you have adequate sickness insurance coverage, you may waive the policy offered by Eastern. To waive the sickness insurance, please click here for instructions for waiving the insurance online. If you have any questions about the sickness policy offered through the Connecticut State University System, please call the Student Health Service at (860) 465-5263.

Also, please note that all full time students at Eastern, regardless of what health insurance they have, are covered throughout each school year under an accident insurance policy provided by Aetna from August 1 to July 31 or until full-time enrollment is terminated. The $112 cost of this accident policy, which covers accidents both on and off campus, is already included in the general University fee each full time student pays. For those students on their parents’ health insurance plan or another plan, and who waived the Aetna Student Health sickness plan, this accident policy is an excess policy. This means the Aetna insurance will pay only accident-related costs that are not covered by your other (primary) health insurance policy.

The Office of Student Health Services strongly recommends that part time and graduate students have health insurance but it is not a requirement. Any part time or graduate student interested in purchasing the University-sponsored sickness and/or accident plan should contact

Details about the student health insurance, including a brochure and information about providers and filing claims, are available at: click here for more information in our FAQs, including the premium costs for the 2016-17 year.

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