Header 1

Header 1 is bold, centered, and quite large.

Header 2

Header 2 is also bold, but left aligned and a bit smaller.

Header 3

Header 3 has a blue background, and is quite small.

Header 4

Header 4 is basically a center aligned Header 2, but with a blue background.

Header 5

Header 5 is basically a left aligned Header 1.

Header 6

Header 6 is Header 3, but with a gray background.

This is something inside of a div… Let’s see if we can’t get something on this to differentiate it from the rest.
It’s worth noting that the final product (div) won’t have a border around it on the actual page.

The nice thing about the EBS is that it chucks the things into easily editable “code” that is viewable in the visual view.

  • Item Number One
  • Item Number Two
  • Item Number Three

The down side is… how is that a list?!

  • Item Number One
  • Item Number Two
  • Item Number Three
  1. Numbered list
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

That’s better… Also, double enter key to exit a list. Added a border so people know that it stretches all the way across.

Left Align

Center Align

Right Align

The downside is that they add extra garbage to the HTML.