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Travel Policies and Procedures

Refreshment Policy

The policy below applies unless the University has a specific refreshment policy. In this case, the University refreshment policy would take precedence.

• Recruiting – Expenses of luncheon or dinner meetings held in connection with University business or with the entertaining of guests visiting the University on official business are allowable. Expenditures should be limited to the cost of food only. CSUS does not pay
for alcoholic beverages. Luncheon expenses of staff members are usually a personal responsibility; however, reimbursement of noonday meals of employees may be allowed when:

1. A member of a search committee hosts a candidate for a position; or
2. A departmental employee hosts a visiting lecturer, potential donor, or other official guest to the University. In this case, the following requirements apply:

• The reimbursable amount of luncheon expenses shall be limited to $50 per person. Expenses for alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.
• Before hosting the luncheon, the employee must first obtain signed authorization from their senior manager (VP/Senior Staff or above). The authorization must be attached to the Travel Reimbursement form. The luncheon expenses will not be reimbursed unless all required documentation is attached to the form.
• In the case of hosting a potential donor, “potential donor” is defined as a person other than a CSUS employee.

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