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Travel Reimbursement - Supporting Documentation

No claims are to be filed for reimbursement of expenses without documenting the actual expenditure. Each expenditure exceeding $25.00 must be supported by an ORIGINAL voucher or receipt, per State Statute 3-117. Original passenger portion of airline ticket, rail or bus ticket stubs must be attached to the Travel Reimbursement form regardless if reimbursement is claimed or unclaimed. Travelers taking advantage of electronic ticketing must submit with their Travel Reimbursement form an e-mail confirmation or the original airfare receipt and a copy of the itinerary showing amount paid. When booking online trip packages through Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, or any other online booking agent, a cost breakdown of each travel component, such as airfare, lodging and car rental is required.

All claims for lodging must be supported with an original itemized receipt indicating the date and amount expended, regardless of cost. Under no circumstances will lodging be paid for a guest or spouse unless they are also traveling on approved University business. Itemized expenses must be listed in detail. Justification for business related telephone calls must be attached.
Regardless of cost, proof of registration fee payment for a workshop or conference is required.

Acceptable forms include:
• An original receipt
• A receipt faxed directly to the Travel office by the sponsoring organization
• A copy of both sides (face and endorsement side) of a cancelled check or the original cancelled check
• A copy of a bank statement or a printed electronic bank statement along with a copy (photocopy or duplicate check copy) of the front side of the check.
• A print-out of a web-banking statement indicating the payee and amount paid.

Waiting for a cancelled check or bank statement delays reimbursement. It would be more prudent to request a receipt at the conference site. If the University prepays the registration, receipts are not required.
If any of the required receipts are missing or lost, a Policy Exception Request (see Exhibit F) must be attached to the Travel Reimbursement form. All claims for reimbursement must have personal bank account numbers and credit card numbers
made illegible on documentation for your personal protection. Altered receipts will not be reimbursed.

Failure to submit a Travel Reimbursement form will jeopardize an individual’s ability to obtain further advances or reimbursements for subsequent trips. If partial funding for the travel is made available from sources other than the University (i.e. an organization or foundation), the traveler must provide proof of which expenses are provided from that source.

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