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Travel Policies and Procedures

Car Rental and Other Transportation

The request to rent a vehicle must be justified in writing and will be considered if public transportation is unavailable or if automobile rental results in a cost savings, which must be documented by the traveler and included as part of the justification on a Policy Exception Request form (Exhibit F).

Whenever possible, the state contract should be used to rent a vehicle for use on state business, whether in-state or out-of-state. If the state contract is used, for passenger cars and mini-vans, third party liability and property damage liability insurance are included in the rental rates, and therefore any additional insurance purchased by the employee will not be reimbursed. For any other type of vehicle, OR if the state contract is not used, collision and personal accident insurance offered by the rental company must be purchased by the employee, and will be reimbursed as a regular travel expense.

Reasonable use of taxis, airport limousines and similar transport to and from the airport or common carrier terminal and the conference site will be reimbursed at cost if included on the Travel Authorization. The lowest cost option should be chosen. Receipts are required if the cost exceeds $25.00

Cost of taxis to and from places of lodging to take meals or participate in non-conference related events, is part of the incidental expenses component of the meal per diem and is not reimbursable.


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