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Payment of Amounts Due for Goods Provided and/or Services Rendered

Before a contractor may receive payment for goods provided or services rendered, the vendor’s invoice and/or a copy of the agreement (whether a purchase order, personal service agreement, direct pay voucher, or services and honorarium request form), along with a voucher/disbursement or payment request form (depending upon agency procedure), must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department. (A sample voucher/disbursement form is appended hereto as Exhibit K.) If applicable, a completed W-9 Tax ID Verification form must also be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department. The voucher/disbursement request form must be signed by an authorized signatory as attestation that the goods have been provided and/or the services rendered, and by an employee authorized to charge the payment against the applicable Banner account. If payment is made against a PSA, both the contractor's invoice and invoice and voucher/disbursement request form should contain the PSA number.

If a contractor provides services that are no cost to CSUS (CSUS pays no fees), travel expenses may be reimbursed to the ontractor. Reimbursement may be made via PSA or Direct Pay Voucher with original receipts attached.

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