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The Connecticut State University System (CSUS), the largest public university system serving Connecticut, consists of four comprehensive universities: Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU), Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), and Western Connecticut State University (WCSU), and the Connecticut State
University System Office. Integral to the operation of CSUS is the acquisition of goods and services needed to support operations at the four universities and the System Office. The Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University System has adopted policies relating to the acquisition of goods and services by CSUS in conformity with Section 10a-151b of the Connecticut General Statutes and other applicable procurement statutes. (See Exhibit A.) Each of the universities and the System Office operates its own Procurement Services Department. The goal of each such Department is to support the educational mission of its respective university by providing superior service to its faculty, staff, and students in the acquisition of goods and services while ensuring that procurement decisions are made in the best interest of the university and in compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and Board of Trustees policies and procedures.
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