Sustainable Energy Science โ€“ Degree Requirements

Sustainable Energy Science Major:
BS Degree Requirements

The following courses are required for all Sustainable Energy Science Track majors:

I. Core EES Courses: 36 credits
EES104Dynamic Earth w/Lab4
EES130Ancient Environments w/Lab4
EES204Global Climate Change3
EES205Sustainable Energy3
EES207Sustainable Energy Lab2
EES224Landform Analysis w/Lab4
EES305Energy Resources3
EES322Hydrology w/Lab4
EES340Geographic Information Systems w/Lab4
EES344Sedimentology and Stratigraphy w/Lab4
EES356Structural Geology and Environmental Applications4
*Alternatives 106, 110, 125, 202 w/Lab 112
II. Advanced Energy Courses: 9-11 credits
EES402and two additional courses from the following list are required.
EES306Sustainable Buildings33
EES330Mineralogy and Rock Analysis w/Lab4
EES342Advanced Geographic Information Systems (WI)4
EES402Energy Issues in Geoscience (WI)3
EES405Energy Analysis (WI)3
EES460Special Topics in Earth Science13-4
III. Required Courses in Related Areas: 19-20 credits
CHE210/213General Chemistry I and II w/Lab3
MAT243Calculus I w/Technology3-4
PHY204/205Physics I and Physics II4
PHY208/209Physics I w/Calculus and Physics II w/Calculus4
IV. Recommended Electives
BIO308General Ecology3
CHE216Organic Chemistry I w/Lab4
CHE217Organic Chemistry II w/Lab4
CSC210Computer Science and Programming I3
CSC231Computer Science and Programming II3
EES392Environmental Earth Science Practicum3
EES480Independent Study in Earth Science3
EES486Earth Science Research3
EES491Internship in Environmental Earth Science3
MAT216Statistical Data Analysis3
MAT244Calculus II w/Technology4
MAT340Calculus III4
Total Credits