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Hydrogeology Minor:

Hydrogeology is an interdisciplinary, quantitative science encompassing aspects of geology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Hydrogeology is the study of the occurrence, distribution, and transport of groundwater, its natural chemical evolution, and the behavior of contaminants in groundwater. Contemporary hydrogeologic problems range from water supply to land subsidence to groundwater protection and contamination. The objectives of the minor are 1) to introduce students to the field of hydrogeology, 2) to educate students for hydrogeology-related employment, and 3) to prepare students for graduate studies in hydrogeology. Courses taken toward the minor must be approved by the Environmental Earth Science Department hydrogeology coordinator. Students must receive a grade of 2.0 or higher in each course for the minor. A minimum of 16 credits are required for the minor. Nine of these hours must be unique to the minor.
Requirements for the minor:
Subject Course Title Credits
EES 336 Applied Hydrogeochemistry 3
EES 422 Groundwater Hydrology 4
MAT 244 Calculus II with Technology 3
CHE 216 Organic Chemistry 4
CHE 322 Physical Chemistry 3
One the following:
EES 436 Introduction to Contaminant Hydrogeology 3
EES 457 Instrumental Methods in Environmental Earth Science 3
EES 460 Special Topics in Earth Science 3
EES 480 Independent Study 3
EES 491 Internship 3
Total Credits


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