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Geomorphology Minor:

Geomorphology is the study of earth surface processes and landforms. Geomorphologists apply principles of physics, chemistry, hydrology and sedimentology to understand earth surface landscapes. As well, geomorphologists use computer programs like geographic information systems to analyze, explain, and evaluate the geologic nature of earth surface environments. Geomorphologists are hired as environmental consultants and earth scientists by private consulting firms, government agencies, and educational institutions.

The objectives of the minor in geomorphology are:

  1. To provide an opportunity for students to study geomorphology
  2. To refine analytical and technical skills used to study earth surface environments
  3. To prepare students for graduate studies and/or employment in geomorphology and related fields

The minor consists of a minimum 16 credit hours, nine of which must be unique to the minor.

All of:
Subject Course Title Credits
EES 424 Glacial and Quaternary Geology1 3
EES 440 Process Geomorphology1 4
One the following, or an approved substitution:
EES 336 Applied Hydrogeochemistry 4
EES 342 Advanced Geographic Information Systems 4
EES 480 Independent Study in Earth Science2 3-4
Remaining credit hours from the following, or submitted with approval of geomorphology coordinator:
CSC 110 Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving 3
CSC 215 Introduction to Web Development 3
CSC 249 Visual Basic 3
CSC 251 Databases and Web 3
CHE 320 Quantitative Chemical Analysis 4
CHE 480 Independent Study in Chemistry2 3-4
EES 300+ Additional EES classes appropriate to minor 3-8
MAT 216 Statistical Data Analysis 3
MAT 244 Calculus II with Technology 3
MAT 315 Mathematical Statistics I 3
Total Credits
1EES 224 (Landform Analysis) is a prerequisite for these courses.
2Requires a faculty supervisor, topic must be appropriate for minor.


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