Certificate in Environmental Management and Policy

Certificate in Environmental Management and Policy:

The Environmental Management and Policy Certificate is a cluster of related courses focusing on environmental issues for individuals who want to expand their knowledge of the environment, environmental management, and environmental policy. For returning students interested in pursing a college degree, the certificate program provides a stepping stone to the Bachelor of General Studies, with major concentration in Environmental Management and Policy.

Students will investigate:

  • The major environmental issues confronting environmental managers (who work for corporations, businesses, government, industries, and non-profit organizations).
  • The basic scientific concepts of environmental management.
  • State and federal laws that govern activity in the environmental field.
  • How to incorporate environmental protection considerations into business.

Students must first apply for the certificate program before completing the certificate requirements. Students will then receive the certificate after satisfactory completion of the five courses listed below:

Requirements for the minor include:
BIO200Ecology and the Environment3
EES220Environmental Geology3
EES315Environmental Science and Society3
EES320Environmental Management3
PSC351Environmental Politics and Policy3
Total Credits15