Environmental Earth Science Department Index

The Department of Environmental Earth Science provides students with an educational foundation in environmental geoscience that draws upon classroom, on-line, laboratory and field-based experiences. Students develop an understanding of the natural world, its materials, processes and geologic records of environmental change, associated energy and sustainability issues, and the relevance of these issues to Eastern’s liberal arts mission.

Non-EES majors and undeclared students taking LAC classes in EES or pursuing related minors learn how science is conducted and what geoscientists do, develop qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills, and explore local-to-global physical processes and energy issues at the intersection between humanity and planet Earth.

EES majors prepare for careers or graduate studies in geoscience and energy studies. Coursework and other educational experiences enable students to:

  • identify and analyze applied problems,
  • use scientific approaches to formulate and test multiple working hypotheses,
  • collect, analyze and interpret primary and secondary data,
  • apply quantitative and computer-based techniques,
  • present findings in written and/or oral formats, and
  • demonstrate the relevance of applied geosciences to society.
Department Office
Department Chair:
Dr. Dickson Cunningham
Science Building Rm. 264
(860) 465-4321
Assistant Chair:
Dr. James (Drew) Hyatt
Science Building Rm. 267
(860) 465-5789
Zosia Carlquist
Science Building Rm. 268
(860) 465-4317