Senior Seminars

Capstone Seminars

Each semester, the Department of English at Eastern Connecticut State University offers at least two different senior seminars.

Each seminar continues into the following semester for a total of six credit hours.

Prerequisites for ENG 461:
Any two courses of ENG 203, ENG 204, or ENG 205 with a grade of C or above; senior status (FOR NEW ENGLISH MAJOR), or
ENG 203 with a grade of C or above; senior status (FOR OLD ENGLISH MAJOR)

Prerequisites for ENG 462: ENG 461 with a grade of C or above

We leave a few previous seminar descriptions here so that you may see the variety of possible seminar topics.

Seniors and juniors (with in-progress credits totaling up to 90 credits and above) can register for ENG 461 themselves during the registration week for seniors and juniors respectively.  If you are a junior and do NOT have 90 credits and above (including in-progress credits) and are interested in registering for ENG 461, please email the department chair.  At the end of the registration week for juniors, if there are any seats left in the seminars, the department chair will commence enrolling interested juniors in the course, prioritizing based on how close they are to having senior status (90 credits and above).

Current and Future Capstone Seminars
Fall 2018Spring 2019
ENG 461-01 Studies in Comedy
Dr. Miriam Chirico

ENG 461-02 Literature of the Wild West
Dr. Meredith James
Past Capstone Seminars
Fall 2017Spring 2018
ENG 461-01 A Conversation with Poetry
Dr. Daniel Donaghy

ENG 461-02 "Memoir: Exploring the Private/Public 'I"
Dr. Susan DeRosa
ENG 461-02 Rhetorics of Crime
Dr. Rita Malenczyk
Fall 2016Spring 2017
ENG 461-02 Belief and Doubt in Contemporary Fictions
Dr. Barbara Liu

ENG 461-03 Writing Poems/Reading Culture: Beyond the Workshop
Dr. Reginald Flood
ENG 461-02 Liberation Literature
Dr. Maureen McDonnell
Fall 2015Spring 2016
ENG 461-01 Social and Political Issues in African Literature
Dr. Raouf Mama

ENG 461-02 Transhuman Literature and Media
Dr. Jordan Youngblood

ENG 461-03 Conceptual Metaphor in Literature
Dr. Elena Tapia
ENG 461-01 Fictions of Reform
Dr. Allison Speicher

ENG 461-02 Imagining Monsters
Dr. Benjamin Pauley