Senior Seminars

Capstone Seminars

Each semester, the English department offers at least one capstone seminar.

Each seminar continues into the following semester for a total of six credit hours.

Prerequisites for ENG 461:
21 credits of ENG classes beyond 100/100P with a grade of C or higher, including ENG 202; two of ENG 203, 204, or 205; and two 300-level ENG classes.

Prerequisites for ENG 462: ENG 461 with a grade of C or above

We leave a few previous seminar descriptions here so that you may see the variety of possible seminar topics.

Current and Future Capstone Seminars
Fall 2019Spring 2020
ENG 461-01 The Works & Films of Studio Ghibli
Dr. Jordan Youngblood

ENG 461-02 Civil Rights Rhetoric
Dr. Christine Garcia

ENG 461-03 Rhetorics and Narratives of Crime
Dr. Rita Malenczyk
ENG 461-01 The Craft of the Novel
Dr. Christopher Torockio
Fall 2018Spring 2019
ENG 461-01 Studies in Comedy
Dr. Miriam Chirico

ENG 461-02 Literature of the Wild West
Dr. Meredith James
ENG 461-01 Love and Sex in the Victorian Age
Dr. Kenneth McNeil
Past Capstone Seminars
Fall 2017Spring 2018
ENG 461-01 A Conversation with Poetry
Dr. Daniel Donaghy

ENG 461-02 "Memoir: Exploring the Private/Public 'I"
Dr. Susan DeRosa
ENG 461-02 Rhetorics of Crime
Dr. Rita Malenczyk
Fall 2016Spring 2017
ENG 461-02 Belief and Doubt in Contemporary Fictions
Dr. Barbara Liu

ENG 461-03 Writing Poems/Reading Culture: Beyond the Workshop
Dr. Reginald Flood
ENG 461-02 Liberation Literature
Dr. Maureen McDonnell
Fall 2015Spring 2016
ENG 461-01 Social and Political Issues in African Literature
Dr. Raouf Mama

ENG 461-02 Transhuman Literature and Media
Dr. Jordan Youngblood

ENG 461-03 Conceptual Metaphor in Literature
Dr. Elena Tapia
ENG 461-01 Fictions of Reform
Dr. Allison Speicher

ENG 461-02 Imagining Monsters
Dr. Benjamin Pauley