Rita Malenczyk

MalenczykRita Malenczyk is professor of English and director of the writing program and writing center at Eastern Connecticut State University. She teaches courses in rhetoric, writing studies, tutoring, and first-year writing. Her scholarly work on the rhetoric and politics of writing program and center administration has appeared in a range of journals and numerous edited collections, and she has also published work on rhetoric and popular culture. From 2013-2015 she served as president of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, a national organization that represents the interests of college professors who direct writing programs and centers.

Selected Publications:

A Rhetoric for Writing Program Administrators. Edited collection, 2nd edition. Parlor Press, 2016.

“Retention ≠ Panopticon: What WPAs Should Bring to the Table in Discussions of Student Success.” Overcoming Writers’ Block: Retention, Persistence, and Writing Programs. Eds. Heidi Estrem, Beth Brunk-Chavez, Dawn Shepherd and Todd Ruecker. Utah State University Press: Spring 2017, forthcoming.

“When Fantasy Themes Collide: Implementing a Public Liberal Arts Mission in Changing Times.” With Lauren Rosenberg. A Critical Look at Institutional Mission: A Guide for Writing Program Administrators. Ed. Joseph Janangelo. Parlor Press, 2016: 151-68.

“’I Thought I’d Put That in to Amuse You’: Tutor Reports as Organizational Narrative.”

Writing Center Journal 33.1 (Spring 2013): 74-95.

“Scully and Me: Or, The X-Files, Revisited.” Harlot 8 (Fall 2012. 15 October 2012.

“WAC’s Disappearing Act.” Exploring Composition Studies: Sites, Issues and Perspectives.  Eds. Kelly Ritter and Paul Kei Matsuda. Utah State UP, 2012. 89-104.

Dialogic for ‘Their Own Ends’: Increasing the Pedagogical Independence of Peer Tutors in the Writing Center and the First-Year Writing Classroom.” With Lauren Rosenberg. Writing Lab Newsletter 36.3-4 (2011): 6-9.

“A New Paradigm for WPA Mentoring? The Case of New York University’s Expository Writing Program.” With Alfred E. Guy, Jr.  Stories of Mentoring: Theory and Praxis. Eds. Lynee Lewis Gaillet and Michelle M. Eble. Parlor Press, 2008. 235-47.

With Susanmarie Harrington, Keith Rhodes, and Ruth Overman Fischer. The Outcomes Book: Debate and Consensus after the WPA Outcomes Statement. Edited collection. Utah State UP, 2005.