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  English Honors Thesis

Students in Eng 203 “Writing for English Majors” who possess an aptitude for writing, an intellectual curiosity, the motivation to work independently, and a minimum grade point average of 3.25 will be identified by their professors as potential honors students. Those wishing to be part of the program are expected to write a letter of intent and produce two letters of recommendation from English faculty.¬†Advisors and other faculty members will recommend that these students take the seminar during their junior year.¬†It is also recommended that English Honors students take ENG 370, Composition Theory and Pedagogy.

English Honors students will normally take their senior seminar (ENG 461 and ENG 462) in their junior year. Following completion of the seminar, under the direction of a faculty advisor, honors students will enroll in ENG 485 and write an honors thesis in which they either expand their seminar paper or write about a special topic. An important final component of the process is a presentation in which the student will be expected to discuss his or her research with an English class or with the thesis committee.

A student who is accepted into the University Honors Program and who writes an acceptable English thesis for that program fulfills the thesis requirement for English Honors; however, he or she must then present that paper to an English class or an English Honors committee.

Any student who is accepted into the English Honors program automatically becomes a member of Sigma Tau Delta, and their membership dues will be paid by the English Department.

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