English Major Exit Portfolio Requirement

English Major Exit Portfolio Requirement

Dear English Majors:

The English Department requires each English major to turn in a writing portfolio as a graduation requirement. This portfolio must consist of the following six items:

  • A reflective essay on the student’s academic experience as an English major
  • One paper from ENG 203, Writing for English Majors
  • One paper from any survey course **(ENG 212, 213, 214, 215, or 356)
  • Two papers from different 300-level English courses of the student’s choice
  • The final senior seminar paper completed at the end of ENG 461-462, or ENG 499

The department chair will report the names of those students who have completed the portfolio to the Registrar. The Registrar then records “ENG 075” on the transcript.

The portfolio must be submitted no later than the last day of final exams if you want to graduate at the end of the semester fall or spring. For summer graduation, the portfolio must be submitted by the last day of summer classes.

The following semester, portfolios will be read by department members to determine what students are learning from the sequence of courses in the English major. The exit portfolio is not returned to the student. The results of the portfolio assessment will not affect a student’s GPA or course grades in any way. The purpose of this requirement is to comply with a legislative mandate that all state universities assess the learning outcomes of their students.

Students should print off clean copies of their papers for their portfolios and use a binder clip.  No folder or portfolio cover is necessary.  Name of student, Eastern ID #, graduation semester, and ENG 075 Exit Portfolio are indicated on left hand top corner of the reflective essay.  Should you have any questions regarding a missing paper or the like, please contact the chair of the department to discuss options.

Final papers and not drafts or responses are expected. See the Reflective Letter Guidelines. They are also available in the “Guide for English Majors,” which you can pick up in the department office, Webb Hall 225. In the meantime, remember to save papers that you write for classes and be prepared to submit a portfolio before you graduate.

If you are a transfer student and did not take a survey course at Eastern, you may substitute another paper from a 200-level course that you did take at Eastern. If you did not take any 200-level courses here, you may substitute a paper from the survey course for which you were given transfer credit counting for the survey category in our major (and this will show up on your Transfer Course Evaluation). If you have any questions about this, speak with your faculty advisor or the department chair about an appropriate substitution.


Lisa Fraustino, PhD
Professor and Chair
English Department
Webb Hall 230
(860) 465-0652