English Core

English Major:
BA Degree Requirements

Only English courses receiving a grade of C or above may be counted toward the major.  ENG 100/100P may not be used as a part of the English major.

Gateway courses: (Take Both)
ENG202Introduction to English Studies3
ENG203Writing for English Majors3
One course in Historical Survey course chosen from:
ENG212American Literature to 18653
ENG213American Literature from 18653
ENG214English Literature to 17983
ENG215English Literature from 17983
ENG356Women Writers to 19003
One course in Women Writers chosen from:
ENG228Poetry of Women3
ENG307Medieval Women Mystics3
ENG352Lesbian Literature3
ENG356Women Writers to 19003
ENG35720th Century Women Writers3
One course in Literature of Race, Culture, and Power chosen from:
ENG255African American Literature3
ENG256Native American Literature3
ENG258Asian American Literature3
ENG259Chicano/Chicana Literature and Culture3
ENG344Literature of Africa3
ENG345American Minority Ethnic Literature3
One course in Early Period chosen from:
ENG 307Medieval Women Mystics 3
ENG316Medieval British Literature3
ENG317Renaissance Literature3
ENG32317th Century English Poetry3
ENG327Renaissance Drama3
ENG335Shakespeare's Comedies3
ENG336Shakespeare's Tragedies3
One course in Middle Period (18th/19th centuries) chosen from:
ENG 21818th Century Britain in Global Context3
ENG318Restoration Literature3
ENG319Age of Sensibility3
ENG320Victorian Literature3
ENG32119th Century American Short Story3
ENG322The Romantic Period3
ENG331Early 18th Century Literature and Culture 3
ENG342Literature of New England3
One course in Late Period (20th/21st centuries) chosen from:
ENG234Contemporary Fiction3
ENG257Contemporary Drama and Society3
ENG325Modern Drama3
ENG332Modern British & American Poetry3
ENG333The Modern Novel3
ENG334Post Modern and Contemporary Poetry3
ENG350Southwestern Literature3
ENG35720th Century Women Writers3
One course in Language Studies chosen from:
ENG306Digital Rhetorics and Literacies3
ENG338Linguistic Analysis3
ENG340History and Development of the English Language3
ENG341Modern American Grammar3
ENG347African American English & Verbal Traditions3
ENG370Composition Theory and Pedagogy3
ENG371Rhetorical Theory and Criticism3
ENG373Studies in Rhetoric3
ENG374The Rhetoric of the Hollywood Film3
ENG375Language Acquisition in Young Children3
ENG380Creative Nonfiction Writing 3
Three English Electives (Including Internships)
One Senior Capstone Experience (Meets Writing Intensive requirement. ENG 462 meets Tier III requirement)
Seminar I3
ENG462Seminar II3
499Directed Research 3-6
*Additional English Electives (if necessary) to reach 42-credit minimum
Total Credits42

English Major Exit Portfolio Requirement
The English Department requires each English major to turn in a writing portfolio to the department chairperson as a graduation requirement. See the English Major Exit Portfolio Requirement.

Additional Information:

  • Occasionally, Special Topics courses (ENG 365) may meet the requirements of a special category with consent of the department. Check with your advisor or consult the “What’s New” link on the department home page.
  • A student must take at least four 300-level English courses.
  • When a course is listed in two categories, it can fulfill both. A student may need to take additional English elective courses (other than 100 or 100P) in order to get to 42 credits.