Writing Minor

Writing Minor

(New Requirements Effective in Fall 2016)

Eastern’s minor in writing allows students to explore writing – from the imaginative to the persuasive, from fiction to political blogs, from graphic novels to digital hypertexts – as both writers and critics. Given the importance of clear written and multimodal communication in nearly every profession, the writing minor is an ideal complement to any major. The variety of courses in which writing is the subject of study enables students to develop their particular interests and goals, whether in creative writing, rhetoric, business writing, editing and publishing, or any combination of these.

The Writing Minor consists of 18 credits. (See “Course Options” below.) For English majors, 9 of the 18 credits must be earned in addition to the 42 needed to fulfill the English major requirement. Thus, an English major with a Writing Minor will be required to complete 51 total credits in English beyond the LAC.

Only three credits of Internship credit (in ENG 491, 492, 493, or 495) may be counted toward the Writing Minor.

Courses to be counted must receive a grade of C or higher.

Approval of a course of study for the Writing Minor program by the English Department chairperson is required.

Course Options:
At Least 18 Credits from the Following:
ENG 200Reading and Writing Argument3
ENG 203Introduction to Writing Literary Criticism3
ENG204Introduction to Writing Studies3
ENG 205Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENG206Multimodal Writing Workshop3
ENG207Forms in Creative Writing3
ENG209Writing for Children and Young Adults3
ENG 220Introduction to Literacy Studies in Composition3
ENG230Reading and Writing Electronic Literature3
ENG237Encoding Electronic Texts3
ENG238Literary Magazine Editing3
ENG241Critical and Creative Thinking3
ENG271Classical Rhetoric, Modern Contexts3
ENG300Business and Technical Writing3
ENG301Writing Fiction3
ENG302Writing Poetry3
ENG305Composing Multimodal Narrative3
ENG306Digital Rhetorics and Literacies3
ENG362Writing for Digital Environments3
ENG363Copyright in the Digital Age3
ENG369Cultural Studies and Creative Writing3
ENG370Composition Theory & Pedagogy3
ENG371Rhetorical Theory & Criticism3
ENG372Creative Writing Abroad3
ENG 373Studies in Rhetoric and Composition3
ENG374Rhetoric of the Hollywood Film3
ENG376Advanced Forms, Theory, and Practice in Creative Writing3
ENG380Creative Nonfiction3
ENG381Advanced Fiction Workshop3
ENG382Advanced Poetry Workshop3
ENG383Literary Publishing3
ENG 393Latinx & Chicanx Rhetorics3
ENG480Independent Study in Creative Writing or
Rhetoric and Composition
ENG481LAW Independent Study in Writing for Publication3
ENG491Internship in the Writing Center3
ENG492Internship in College Writing Plus3
ENG493Teaching Assistantship in Writing3
ENG495Internship in Writing and Editing3-6
Total Credits18

Writing Minor (Writing Requirements prior to Fall 2016)