Christine Garcia

Christine Garcia joined the Department of English at Eastern as an Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Composition in the fall of 2017. She is currently teaching ENG 100P and Introduction to Writing Studies and has taught Technical and Professional Writing, Writing Across Disciplines courses in Ceramics, Education, Biology, and Latin American History, Research Methods, and various career professionalization courses. Garcia’s work is rooted in the concept of Writing Across Communities—bringing together writing that happens in the university with writing that happens in our homes, neighborhoods, and everyday lives to deeply educate writers on effective language practices in writing and beyond.

Selected Publications
“Finding Anzaldúa: A Testimonio.” Writing with Bordered Writers: Lessons Learned at    Hispanic Serving Institutions. Forthcoming.

“In Defense of Latinx.” Composition Studies 45.2 (Forthcoming 2017).

“The Efficacy of Community Based Learning Practices in a Chicana and Chicano Studies Classroom.” Regeneración Tlacuilolli: UCLA Raza Studies Journal 1.1 (2014): 69-104.

Awards and Honors
Hector Torres Fellow, 2014-2015

Vicente Ximenes Scholarship in Rhetoric and Community Literacy, 2014