Barbara Liu

5_14-press-photoProfessor Barbara Little Liu came to Eastern in 1998 after completing her PhD in English Rhetoric and Writing at Bowling Green State University. She was our first Coordinator of First-Year Writing; in that position she developed and taught the first sections of ENG 100P College Writing Plus, instituted portfolio assessment for the first-year writing program, and updated the methods used to place students into first-year writing courses. Professor Liu’s teaching and research interests also include electronic literature and rhetorical theory and criticism, especially religious rhetoric.

Professor Liu won the CSCU Board of Regents Award for Teaching in 2014, and she feels strongly that she was meant to teach at a university like Eastern where the majority of students are first-generation college students, just as she was. In her office file cabinet, she keeps a folder with papers she wrote as a college freshman. “Every once in a while I pull them out and read them,” she says. “It keeps me humble and reminds me that I, too, had a lot to learn. After that reminder, I look at my students’ struggles and growth with—I hope—more understanding.”

Scholarly publications:

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