Awards & Scholarships for English Majors

Awards for English Majors

Each year the Department of English sponsors a number of awards and scholarships, and also honors its majors by holding readings of students’ creative or scholarly work. The Senior Seminar readings are held near the end of the fall and spring semesters.

Awards for English Majors
These are usually awarded to graduating seniors and include:

  • Award for Service to the Department … for a student who has helped with departmental projects, coordinated events, or organized student clubs that have connections with English Studies
  • Award for Lifelong Learning … for a returning or continuing student who has shown a steady love of literature, writing, and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Award for Contributions to the Cultural Life of the Campus … for a student who has been actively involved in literary publications, theater, or other literary and artistic events on campus
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching or Tutoring … for a student who has excelled in Teaching Internships, the Writing Associates program, or other teaching experience
  • Award for an Outstanding Future Educator … for a student who has achieved academic excellence while completing a double major in English and Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary Education in order to prepare for a career in teaching
  • Award for Academic Excellence … for a student who has demonstrated superior ability in and dedication to English studies


First Year Writing Awards
…for ENG 100 and ENG 100Plus students whose writing is innovative, creative, splendidly researched, or uniquely articulated.