Students enrolled in the Communication Department’s “International Advertising and PR” course visited British advertising agencies and the BBC as part of a trip to England and France in May to study media from a multi-cultural perspective. The global field course was led by Associate Professor Olugbenga Ayeni and Professor Terri Toles-Patkin. An additional group of students enrolled in a course on women studies also toured London and Paris with Communication Professor Denise Matthews to learn about the influences of French and British feminists on the current status of women in France and the United Kingdom and to study the participation of women in media production.

Eastern students in the Summer in London Theatre Program, which began in 1999 and was last offered in 2010, experience an intensive month-long immersion into the professional world of British Theatre.

The program consists of master classes and workshops (i.e. at Shakespeare's Globe, LAMDA and The Drama Centre); talks, tours and attendance at London shows (i.e. at Shakespeare's Globe, The National Theatre and on the West End); in Stratford-Upon-Avon’s Royal Shakespeare Theatre; and at the Chichester Theatre Festival, as well as other venues throughout England. The curriculum includes weekly visits to museums and historical sites (led by a British art historian and professional visual artist) to establish the cultural context for theatre classes and events experienced throughout the month. Students “learn through practice” by working closely with established British Theatre artists in order to learn new skills and techniques; expand their knowledge of particular theatrical styles and genres; and establish ongoing connections with these theatre professionals for future mentoring and networking.

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