Every two years, Visual Arts Instructor Muriel Miller takes students to Australia to practice their drawing skills. They are joined by biology students from Central Connecticut State University for a unique interdisciplinary experience.

On the other side of the Earth, they find animals only seen on television or in zoos, and some of the most dramatic landscapes to be found anywhere. Australia is an ideal place for students to explore and develop their interests and skills in art or biology. The group starts in Sydney, the cultural center of Australia and home to national museums, zoos, a world class aquarium, and a large botanical garden with a resident flying fox colony. Next they travel to the Warrumbungles, a remarkable landscape of pinnacles with wild emus and kangaroos. The students they stay at a mountaintop rainforest lodge in Lamington National Park, south of Brisbane, and travel to North Stradbroke Island's dramatic coast. Finally they visit Uluru (Ayers Rock), the largest single rock in the world and an Aboriginal Australian sacred site, as well as Kings Canyon in the arid Red Center of Australia.

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