Education and Research

Sustainability, Education and Research

Eastern Connecticut State University is a proud member of the Association for Sustainability in Higher Education, “AASHE” and a participant in the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System, “STARS” as a STARS SILVER rated institution. This web page currently serves as a source for information about our activities regarding the Education and Research factors within the STARS system.


Sustainability in the Curriculum

Eastern is committed to integrating sustainability into its curriculum  and making sustainability part of the educational experience for all students.  The goal of sustainability education is to provide all students the knowledge  and skills to help create a sustainable economy, society, and environment. In  order to encourage faculty to develop and offer appropriate courses, the  university will maintain and make publicly available an inventory of courses  which are either sustainability-focused or sustainability-related.Sustainability-focused  courses concentrate on the concept of sustainability, or study the application of  sustainability concepts and strategies, or examine issues and topics in terms  of their relevance to sustainability. For these courses sustainability or some  aspect of sustainability is the focus of the course

Sustainability-related  courses incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module or include  sustainability as a course theme. For these course sustainability or some  aspect of sustainability is a significant component of the course, but not the  focus of the course.

Sustainability  Research

The goal of sustainability research is to help create a  sustainable economy, society, and environment. Eastern encourages faculty to  develop sustainability research or enhance existing research for the purpose of  attaining the aforementioned goal. The university will maintain and make  publicly available an inventory of all faculty research that is  either sustainability-focused or sustainability-related.Sustainability-focused research concentrates on the concept of sustainability, or studies the  application of sustainability conceptsand strategies, or examines issues  and topics in terms of their relevance to sustainability (e.g., social equity;  environmental stewardship; technological advancement of sustainability). Sustainability  or some aspect of sustainability is central to this research.

Sustainability-related  research incorporates sustainability as a distinct component of the  faculty member’s research. For thisresearch, sustainability or some aspect of  sustainability is a significant component, but not the focus of the research.