BGS Concentration

Bachelor of General Studies BGS Concentration for persons interested in Sustainable Energy Management

The production and consumption of energy, especially energy based on fossil fuels, is a major source of environmental and social problems in the US and the world, including global warming, air pollution, ecosystem destruction, and economic instability. Continuing growth in conventional energy consumption is not sustainable in the future and transition to an economy based on renewable energy technologies such as hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy is inevitable. Sustainable Energy Management is the study of this transition through the perspectives of the natural and the social sciences. The concentration in Sustainable Energy Management prepares individuals to work as energy policy specialists in government, industry, and education.

  • Introduces the emerging field of sustainable energy studies
  • Prepares students for post-graduate employment involving energy-related policy
  • Insures understanding of the social and economic implications of energy technology
  • Insures understanding of technological and scientific basis of energy policy
  • Prepares future educators to teach about energy science and energy policy