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Sustainable Energy Science at Eastern

The Center for Sustainable Energy Studies was established in 2000 and the first Endowed Chair in Sustainable Energy Studies was appointed in 2004. The goals of the Center for Sustainable Energy Studies are to enable Eastern students to understand the crucial role and impacts of energy resources and energy consumption in society and to prepare students for post-graduate employment and advanced education through the study of the scientific, environmental, economic, political, and social implications of energy science and energy policy. This study includes energy conservation and efficiency, environmental impacts associated with energy consumption, conventional and renewable energy industries, energy resources and energy uses, energy management, energy politics, and current developments in energy science, energy technology, energy economics, energy-related business, and public energy policy.

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Assistant Professor:
Steve Nathan

Science 262
Phone: (860)465-5579

Norma Vivar
Science 131B
Phone:(860) 465-5729
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