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Important Safety Notice
For All On-Campus Students and Staff
Many residential students have purchased the lamp pictured here.   The lamps are available at such stores as Walmart* and Bed, Bath & Beyond* .  The heat from the bulbs has been known to melt through the plastic shades, torching posters and burning holes in bed spreads.  These plastic shaded lamps are no longer allowed in student housing and will be confiscated if found. Please bring them to the ECSU Housing Office. It is only the plastic shaded lamps as seen in the picture that are being recalled.  Any lamps with metal shades will be allowed, but it is asked that students use only the recommended bulb wattages recommended by the manufacturer with the metal shades.   For more information, contact Eric Germain, ECSU/Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator: germaine@easternct.edu.
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