Cartridge Recycling

Laser and Inkjet Recycling Program

Eastern CT State University has a Laser and Inkjet Recycling Program for all departments, individual staff members, and students as well. This program, put together by the Campus-Wide Safety Committee,  includes recycling of cartridges that are generated both at work and at home. In order to recycle an inkjet cartridge, place the cartridge in boxes located in buildings and residential halls around the campus.

Because of their greater size, laser cartridges are collected in bulk shipping boxes placed in areas where laser printers are in use.  Each box holds from 3 to 12 laser cartridges, depending on their size. When the box is filled, either bring the box or call shipping/receiving in Facilities for it to be picked up and brought there.

On the average, ECSU uses one laser cartridge per office employee per year and as many as a dozen inkjet cartridges for each inkjet printer on campus. An individual student typically uses five or more inkjet cartridges, depending on the printer. CC Cash,recycling contractor, provides transportation of filled boxes from ECSU Facilities/Shipping/Receiving to their place on Belden Street, East Hartford. Money received from recycling these items is re-distributed back to Eastern Connecticut State University students via a scholarship.Most of the cartridges are refurbished, re-filled, and re-used.  The small percentage of cartridges that cannot be re-used are ground up and used for plastic lumber.

For additional information about this program, and to request additional boxes for your department, contact Eric Germain, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, Room 26, Eastern Hall. Phone 5-5103. Or email Eric.

The following facts on recycling inkjet cartridges are taken from

  • Every SECOND, 8 Cartridges are Thrown Away!
  • 2 ½ Ounces of OIL is used to produced each inkjet.
  • 3 ½ Quarts of OIL is used to produce each laser.
  • In a couple of months, cartridge remanufacturing
    will SAVE more OIL than was spilled by the
    Exxon Valdez in Prince Edward Sound, Alaska.