Dr. Mark Fabrizi Edits “Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy”

Dr. Mark Fabrizi, Assistant Professor of Education, talks about his work editing the Critical Literacy Series book titledHorror Literature and Dark Fantasy: Challenging Genres“. He says, “I enjoyed reading all the high quality submissions for this book from scholars across the country, and even a few from across the Atlantic! ”Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy: Challenging Genres” is a collection of scholarly essays intended to address, (a) the parent whose unreasoning opposition to horror entails its removal from a school curriculum, (b) the school administrator who sees little or no redeeming literary value in horror, and (c) the teacher who wants to use horror to teach critical literacy skills but does not know how to do so effectively.

The essays herein are intended to offer opportunities for teachers in secondary schools and higher education to enrich their classes through a non-canonical approach to literary study. This book is a deliberate attempt to enlarge the conversation surrounding works of horror and argue for their inclusion into school curricula to teach students critical literacy skills. The chapters cover a broad range of texts, including film, cartoons, and video games as well as traditional print novels and short stories.

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