Record Number of Eastern Students accepted to Present at National Conference

A record-breaking 41 Eastern Connecticut State University students from a variety of disciplines have been selected to represent Eastern at the 2018 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), a competitive undergraduate research conference that draws students from across the United States. The conference will be held at the University of Central Oklahoma from April 4-7.

Chosen from more than 4,000 submissions, students whose work was accepted to NCUR are required to demonstrate a unique contribution to their field of study. NCUR offers students the opportunity to present their research findings to peers, faculty, and staff from colleges and universities across the nation, providing a unique networking and learning opportunity.

Eastern’s high rate of acceptance puts it among the top 20 schools nationwide – a group that includes major research universities and land grant institutions. Eastern students will present on a variety of academic disciplines. Among them are 10 students from the School of Education and Professional Studies (SEPS), including: • Tess Candler (‘18/ECO), Poster Presentation: Determining the Distributional Effects of Regional Greenhouse Gas
• Alex Gabriele (’20, COM), Poster Presentation: The Effects of Campus Alcohol Policies and Stress on College Binge Drinking
• Phillip Hoeps (’18, ECO), Oral Presentation: Childhood Poverty and Educational Outcomes: Case Studies of India, Ethiopia, Peru, and Vietnam
• Hayley Mangan (’20, COM), Poster Presentation: Swipe Right! Online Dating and College Students
• Noah Pinho (’18, COM), Poster Presentation: The Effects of Affection Exchange and Relationships
• Kimberly Tallard (’18, COM), Poster Presentation: Communication in Cross-Sex Friendship: Can Men and Women Be “Just Friends?”
• Koren Thomas (’20, BUS), Oral Presentation: Women, Strikes, and the Early Labor Movement: An Exploration Union Strategy 1870-1910
• Mackenzie Walker (’18, SLM), Oral Presentation: Opening Worlds: A Historical Overview of the Special Olympics of Connecticut
• Kyle Wilson (’18, SLM), Oral Presentation: Oculus Rift Virtual Reality-Comparison of Pre-Test vs. Post-Test Psychological Responses.

The SEPS faculty continually encourage student researchers to present their work on a national scale, resulting in this impressive number of presentations accepted by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). Jehoon Jeon, Ph.D., advisor and assistant professor of communication explains, “These are diligent, hard-working, highly motivated, and goal-oriented students. They take communication classes, work very hard during the whole semester, and develop their in-class research projects for future opportunities. They distinguish themselves as undergraduate researchers while the selection process of the NCUR is getting more and more competitive every year.” Dr. Jeon continues, “Although it is challenging, many professors in the department of Communication guide students to set up clear goals for research. In response, their research studies clearly show evidence of wonderful academic writing and statistical/analytical skills.” He concludes, “I am very proud of our students.”

Last year, CUR identified Eastern as a campus that was “Leading the Way” with the number of students selected to present, a distinction applicable once again at this year’s conference. In the past four years, Eastern has sent more student researchers to NCUR than all the other public universities in Connecticut combined.

Good luck to our SEPS, and all the Eastern Connecticut State University, student presenters! @EasternSEPS @NCUR #UndergraduateResearch