Olivia Roman (’18g, MSOM) Serves as Eastern’s First Legislative Fellow

I am honored to serve as Eastern’s first Legislative Fellow during the spring 2018 legislative session. The Office of Legislative Research (“OLR”), where I work, is the Connecticut General Assembly’s nonpartisan research arm located in Hartford’s Legislative Office Building. They staff all nonfiscal Legislative committees; write reports annually for legislators and committees; analyze bills; summarize public acts; prepare reports summarizing acts affecting particular occupations, industries, and segments of the population; and perform other services for the Legislature (for more information visit the OLR website: https://www.cga.ct.gov/olr/).

My duties as a Legislative Fellow include legal and policy research and writing in response to various legislative requests. These projects may be distributed to legislators and/or published to the OLR web site. I also have the opportunity to attend related meetings, such as public hearings and Senate or House of Representative debates. Each day I use knowledge and skills acquired through MSOM program coursework to complete my tasks. These include collaborating with individuals and teams to publish high quality work, thinking critically and creatively, conducting unbiased and thorough research; writing in a concise and well organized way; communicating with tact and professionalism; and, understanding the responsibilities and values of each person’s contributions in multiple organizational contexts.  

I expect to complete my Masters of Science in Organizational Management (MSOM) degree this May. Dr. Elizabeth Scott, MSOM Program Coordinator and Professor, has been an invaluable mentor to me throughout my graduate journey.  I’d like to thank Dr. Scott, the MSOM program faculty, as well my entire supportive “village” of family and friends, who have encouraged me to never give up on my dreams.  Many thanks to the OLR Director, Stephanie D’Ambrose for supporting my selection, and all of the OLR staff who warmly welcomed me, especially my direct supervisors Janet Kaminski-Leduc and Michelle Kirby. This is a very special learning opportunity, which I strongly recommend.   

Dr. Scott says, “We’re proud that Ms. Roman was selected for this opportunity and know that her performance as a Legislative Fellow reflects well on the MSOM program.”

I believe each of us can make a difference.  Find your way to get involved and bring light to an issue, person, or group in need of your attention and talents. “When one of us shines, we all shine.”