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  Frequently Asked Questions
about Undergraduate Programs Leading to Teaching Certification in the Education Unit at Eastern Connecticut State University
How does one become a teacher?  To become a teacher in a public school in Connecticut, a teacher candidate must have a bachelor's degree in a subject area major other than Education from an accredited university and have completed a state-approved teacher certification program.

If you have already completed a certification program in another state, please contact the Connecticut State Department of Education's Bureau of Certification.
Contact: (860) 713-6969,

For information on additional requirements for teaching licensure in Connecticut and for job openings:

What academic preparation is necessary? 
  • All students seeking certification must complete an academic major other than education, a minimum of 39 credits in general academic courses
    • MAT 139 and 140 are REQUIRED for Elementary Education Candidates..
    • A United States history survey course (HIS 120, 121, or 310 are recommended).
    • A health course (HPE 201 or HPE 210).
  • Certification programs are usually three or four semesters in length.

Specific Program Pre-requisites are:

Early Childhood Education
ECE 215-Foundations of Early Childhood Ed.
PSY 206 - Psychology of Childhood

Elementary Education, Secondary Certification, Physical Education
EDU 200-Child and Adolescent Development and Exceptionalities
EDU 210-Foundations of U.S. Education or EDU 357-International and Cross-Cultural Education

Elementary and secondary candidates must also complete EDU 250/COM 250/CSC 250 - Applied Information Technology in Education

  • Admissions to Eastern is also required:
  • Inquiries specifically about teacher certification recommendations for those completing a program at Eastern.
  • Inquiries by those who already have teaching certification and seeking a cross-endorsement, please contact the Connecticut State Department of Education's Bureau of Certification directly.
What are the certification programs offered at Eastern? 

Eastern Connecticut State University offers these certification programs:

Programs and Program Coordinators Specific Requirements
Integrated Early Childhood/Special Ed.,
N-K - Elem. 1-3 (ECE)

* Dr. Ann Gruenberg, (860) 465-5268
Require that teacher candidates are completing an undergraduate major that is not education or physical education. Preferred majors are psychology or sociology. Cohorts for undergraduate certification start in the fall and spring semester of each academic year.
Elementary, 1-6
*Dr. Ann Anderberg, (860) 465-0109
Teacher candidates generally have a major in a teaching subject area appropriate for the elementary classroom. Cohorts for undergraduate certification start in the fall semester of each year.

Secondary, 7-12
*Dr. Hari Koirala, Secondary Math, (860) 465-4556

*Dr. Jeanelle Day, Secondary Math, (860) 465-4532

*Dr. Leslie Ricklin, Sec History/Social Studies, (860) 465-5229

*Dr. Leslie Ricklin, Secondary English, (860) 465-5229


Requires a major in biology, English, environmental earth science, history and social studies, mathematics, or other social sciences with specific coursework. Cohorts for undergraduate certification start in the fall semester of each year.
Physical Education, PreK-12
*Dr. Darren Robert, (860) 465-5184

Please contact the Health and Physical Education Department, Sports Center Rm. 230, (860) 465-5371 for details. Physical Education majors are prepared for certification in this skills area only.


How early should I plan if I want to become a teacher candidate as an undergraduate? 

We strongly encourage students to begin planning and to visit the Education Department as soon as they begin their undergraduate coursework. Education is a second major for Early Childhood and Elementary Education but not for Secondary Education although the work carries as many hours as a major. With the proper choices of Liberal Arts Tier I, II, and III courses, it is possible to graduate with your degree and certification in a timely manner.

What if I missed my opportunity to be a part of the undergraduate education program? 

There are two options that currently exist. First, one may enter the Graduate Program as an Early Admissions student during their senior year. In order to choose this option, Praxis I and II must have been passed, a minimum of 3.5 GPA must be earned on undergraduate work completed to date and application to the Graduate Division and CARE must be completed by October 1st. Seven graduate credits will be attempted with special permission of the Dean of Education and Professional Studies while finishing the spring semester of the senior year. The second option is a Master's program. If a candidate applies to both CARE and the Graduate Program during the final semester of the senior year, it is possible to complete the Master's degree with certification in 12-15 months.

Who certifies me? Is it Eastern or the State of Connecticut? 

Once a student finishes the Student Teaching experience, an Application for Certification should be filed with the Certification Officer in the Graduate Division office. All documents are checked and verified before the packet is sent to the Bureau of Certification at the Connecticut Department of Education in Hartford. The State of Connecticut officially certifies all teachers.

Graduate Certification students may apply during the fall or spring. Please go to Graduate Division for further information.

For more details on the application process, please visit Charles R. Webb Hall Building 124, The Education Department Office.
Or see Ms. Fran Champney, Education Department Secretary. Webb Hall 124 or (860)-465-4530.

Registration information for Praxis I and II exams: 800-853-6773,

83 Windham Street, Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 USA
Phone: (860) 465-4530 | Fax: (860) 465-5099
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