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Elementary Education:
General Education Requirements
The State of Connecticut requires that those receiving a teaching certificate have a diverse general education background in general academic courses. The following requirements may be met by undergraduate general education courses taken at Eastern.
Subject   Credits
Physical or Earth Science 3
Biological Science 3
Math 139 (not required for MAT majors or minors) 3
Math 140 (not required for MAT majors or minors) 3
English (six hours above ENG 100) 6
Social Science (PSY 206 or PSY 208 recommended) 3
U.S. History (HIS 120, 121, 310 or other approved US History survey course) 3
Arts 3
Foreign Language (if not met in High School) 6
Health Dynamics (HPE 201or HPE 210) 1 or 3
Teacher candidates will complete the following professional courses:
Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to admission into the program
Subject Course Title Credits
EDU 200 Child and Adolescent Development and Exceptionalities 3
EDU 210 Foundations of U.S. Education 3
EDU 360 Technology in the Classroom 1
PSY 206 Psychology of Childhood 3
PSY 208 Psychology of Adolescence 3

Professional Preparation Courses:
Note: The following courses may only be taken after admission by CARE and are taken simultaneously in units.

Core I (taken as a block) (Spring only)
Subject Course Title Credits
EDU 301 Clinical Experience 1
EDU 304 Learning and Teaching in Elementary Classrooms 3
EDU 305 Reading and Language Arts I 3
EDU 307 Inclusive Elementary Classrooms 3
    Core II (taken as a block) (Fall only)
EDU 306 Reading and Language Arts II 3
EDU 401 Clinical Experience 1
EDU 411 Methods in Elementary Mathematics and Science 3
EDU 412 Methods in Elementary Social Studies 3
EDU 413 Methods in Elementary Science 3
Core III (taken as a block) (Spring only)
EDU 465 Classroom Management and Assessment in the Elementary School 3
EDU 470 Student Teaching - Elementary School 9
Two of the following:
ART 370 Art in the Classroom 1
MUS 370 Music in the Elementary Classroom 1
HPE 360 Curriculum Materials: Physical Education 1
THE 360 Theatre in the Elementary School Classroom 3
Total Professional Preparation