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Early Childhood Education Major:
Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
The State of Connecticut requires that those receiving a teaching certificate have a diverse general education background in general academic courses. The following requirements may be met by undergraduate general education courses taken at Eastern.

Subject Credits
Science (2 courses, 1 with lab) 7
Social Science3
United States History (HIS 120, HIS 121 or HIS 310)3
MAT 1393
Foreign Language (if not met in high school)6
PSY 2063
Current Issues in Health Education (HPE 201/210) 1 or 3

Professional Preparation Courses

To be taken Before Admission to the Program
Subject Course Title Credits
ECE215Foundations of Early Childhood Education3
PSY206Psychology of Childhood3

To be Taken Only After Admission to the Program
Core I (To be taken together as a block)
Subject Course Title Credits
ECE305Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education3
ECE315Classroom Environments I (includes field experience)4
ECE325 Language and Literacy3
Core II (To be taken together as a block)
ECE335The Integrated Curriculum in ECE 3
ECE345 Classroom Environments II (includes field experience) 4
ECE355Reading and Writing in the Primary Years3
Core III (To be taken together as a block)
ECE405Adapting EC Curriculum for the Inclusive Classroom3
ECE415The Math and Science Curriculum in ECE3
ECE425Practicum in Early Childhood Special Education3
Core IV (To be taken together as a block)
ECE435Assessment in Early Childhood Education3
ECE445Student Teaching (in 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade)6
Total Professional Preparation Credits44
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