Program Vision and Learning Outcomes

Vision Statement


The economics program will be recognized for the outstanding preparation of its graduates who will be ready to excel in professional positions, postgraduate studies and leadership roles. The student-centered program integrates a rigorous curriculum with experiential learning opportunities so that students: a) develop high level critical thinking, writing, and quantitative skills, b) acquire knowledge of the latest economic theories and practices and explore the new frontiers of behavioral economics and global interdependence,  and c) are instilled with a sense of a social responsibility to provide innovative solutions to society’s pressing issues related to the environment, sustainability, health and economic security.


Learning Outcomes


  1. Students will be able to analyze and evaluate real-world economic problems using statistical methods
  2. Students will be able to use economic theories to critically assess complex, real-world problems.
  3. Students will be able to effectively communicate economic-based solutions to multiple audiences.