Eastern TelevisionFrequently Asked Questions

What is Eastern Television?

Eastern Television is truly on the air and on the web. In addition to a 24-hour cable channel that features University-produced programs, special events, educational content, and a weekly compilation of international classic arts performances, Eastern features it’s content on our YouTube channel. This website offers free access to a wide range of educational and informational programming to Eastern Connecticut State University and the local Willimantic/Windham community. Original Eastern video programs created by students, faculty, and staff are available for your viewing pleasure, as well as world-class performances and distinguished speakers recorded before live campus audiences.

Who is responsible for Eastern Television?

The Media Services department at Eastern Connecticut State University is responsible for recording, editing, content selection, and uploading video content to the Eastern Television website.

What is Eastern Television’s mission?

To create a presence for the various video content that is recorded on campus.
To provide archival footage for Eastern faculty, staff, students, and the community.

How is content selected for Eastern Television?

To be considered for Eastern Television, events must be sponsored by one of the University’s departments, or other academic programs. Presentations must not only meet high intellectual standards but also focus on a topic deemed of general interest to a college-educated audience. Eastern Television focuses on events that are free and open to the public.

Who does the taping for Eastern Television?

Media Services is the primary contact for recording events on campus. However content is regularly submitted by Communication faculty and students.

May I submit a tape to Eastern Television?

Yes. Content will be reviewed by Media Services to see if it meets the production and technical standards, as well as educational value appropriate for the Eastern Television website. Media Services reserves the right to reject submitted content.

Do presenters need to sign release forms assigning rights to audio/video to Eastern?

Yes. Events will not be hosted on Eastern Television unless the editors have received a signed release form from the presenter. Introducers and audience members who ask questions or make comments are not required to sign releases.
View our Photo/Video Release Form. Please note that submitting a Photo/Video Release form does not confirm videotaping services. Please contact Media Services directly.