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The Witching Hour Performance & Witches Among Us Symposium
Enjoy a dance / theatre performance of the Judy Dworin Performance Project’s piece that explores the Connecticut witch craze of the 17th century. The Witching Hour explores what happens in communities when difference became dangerous, and folk culture – as practiced by herbalists, midwives, women landowners, and indentured servants – clashed with Puritan hierarchical authority. Larger than life puppets, sets, and costumes by Anne Cubberly create a seamless visual landscape for the innovative blend of dance, text and music for which the Judy Dworin Performance Ensemble is known.  A Reconsideration of Witchcraft Studies.  November 7, 2007
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 Borromeo String Quartet

The Witching Hour
Watch Video (45:28)

Dr. Christopher Collier
Watch Video (11:54)

Dr. Lisa Fraustino
Watch Video (28:55)

Patricia Hermes

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Dr. Richard Godbeer
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Dr. Walter Woodward
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Professor John Demos
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