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Questions and answers following a reading by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey. Pulitze Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey reads from her book of poetry, “Native Guard,” Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey reads from her book of poetry, “Native Guard". The Visiting Writers Series and Eastern Connecticut State University's English Department presents a reading by Gail Carson Levine Readings by author Gail Carson Levine.Her books include "Ella Enchanted,"  "Dave at Night,"  "The Two Princesses of Bamarre," "The Wish," "Fairest," "Ever", "Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly" , "Betsy Who Cried Wolf,". The Visiting Writers Series and Eastern Connecticut State University's English Department present a poetry reading by Patrick Rosal Patrick Rosal reads his poetry. His collections include, "Uprock Headspin Scramble and Drive," and "My American Kundiman". Author Joan Seliger Sidney reads selections of her poetry. Author Joan Seliger Sidney reads selections of her poetry from her book, "Body of Diminishing Motion".

Natasha Trethewey

Q&A with Poet
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Natasha Trethewey

Poetry Readings
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Gail Carson Levine

Literature Readings

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Patrick Rosal

Poetry Readings

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Joan Seliger Sidney

Poetry Readings

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Visiting Writers Author Charles Baxter answers audience questions. Baxter has authored five novels, "The Soul Thief," "The Feast of Love," "Shadow Play," "First Light" and "Saul and Patsy"; four short story collections; three poetry collections; two collections of essays on fiction; as well as other works. Visiting Writers Readings by author Charles Baxter. Baxter has authored five novels, "The Soul Thief," "The Feast of Love," "Shadow Play," "First Light" and "Saul and Patsy"; four short story collections; three poetry collections; two collections of essays on fiction; as well as other works. Visiting Writers Readings from author Geraldine Mills. Mills is the author of two published collections of short fiction and four collections of poetry, including Toil the Dark Harvest (2004) and an Urgency of Stars (2009). Gray Jacobik Retired Eastern Professor Gray Jacobik reads her literature. Her works include the books "Little Boy Blue: A Memoir in Verse",  "Brave Disguises", "The Surface of Last Scattering", "The Double Task", "Sandpainting", "Paradise Poems". "Jane's Song" and over 200 poems. Visiting Writers Mari L’Esperance’s reads from her collection "The Darkened Temple".

Charles Baxter

Q&A with Author

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Charles Baxter

Literature Readings

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Geraldine Mills

Poetry Readings

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Gray Jacobik

Literature Readings
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Mari L'Esperance

Poetry Readings

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Bradley Davis Thomas Hubbard Authors Lisa C. Taylor and Geraldine Mills read from their collaborative collection "The Other Side of Longing". Harry Humes Linda Cohn

Bradley Davis

Poetry Readings
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Thomas Hubbard

Literature Readings
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Lisa Taylor & G. Mills

Literature Readings
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Harry Humes

Poetry Readings

Watch Video (1:07:04)

Linda Cohn

Veteran ESPN Anchor

Watch Video (45:13)

Daniel Murphy Admiral Jay Cohen S. Cromwell Crawford Tom Condon z Bill Russell

Daniel Murphy

VP, Kraft Group
Watch Video (46:53)

Admiral Jay Cohen

US Dept. Homeland Protection
Watch Video (1:00:27)

S. Cromwell Crawford

Bioethics Discussion

Watch Video (1:29:53)

Tom Condon

Hartford Courant Columnist
Watch Video (35:15)

Bill Russell

Boston Celtics Legend
Watch Video (1:42:35)

Charles Steedman Richard Russell Stuart Ishimaru Dean Pinkert Chandler Howard Chandler Howard

Charles Steedman

VP Boston Red Sox.

Watch Video (1:01:28)

Richard Russell

United States Ambassador
Watch Video (53:49)

Stuart Ishimaru

Equal Opportunity Commission
Watch Vide0 (46:04)

Dean A. Pinkert

US International Trade
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Chandler Howard

CEO, Liberty Bank
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Seth Leitman Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge Empty Fred Carstensen Empty Chandler Howard Steven Lanza Christine Cummings

Seth Leitman

Energy Challenges
Watch Video (34:49)

Dr. Fred Carstensen

Connecticut Economy
Watch Video (39:51)

Chandler Howard

CEO, Liberty Bank
Watch Video (46:53)

Dr. Steven Lanza

Director, CT Review

Watch Video (54:08)

Christine Cummings

Federal Reserve Bank, NY

Watch Video (1:03:00)

A Talk by Randy Steidl Secular Compassion discussion with artist Borromeo String Quartet Jeffrey Fuhrer Katherine Baicker Christine Griffin Christine Griffin

Randy Steidl

From Death Row to Freedom
Watch Video (1:26:44)

Tenzin Wangchuk

Artist Interview

Watch Video (8:06)

Jeffrey Fuhrer

Federal Reserve Bank, Boston
Watch Video (1:02:06)

((Katherine Baicker

US Economic Advisors Council
Watch Video (57:49)

Christine Griffin

EEO Commissioner
Watch Video (43:26)

Louis Hernandez Louis Hernandez Colleen Barrett Colleen Barrett Pamela Jones Harbour President, CT Light and Power Charles Shapiro US Secretary of State Western Hemisphere Affairs

Louis Hernandez, Jr.

CEO, Open Solutions
Watch Video (41:23)

Colleen C. Barrett

President, Southwest Airlines
Watch Video (1:02:24)

Pamela Jones Harbour

US Federal Trade Commission
Watch Video (1:00:21)

Raymond Necci

President, CL&P
Watch Video (1:00:43)

Charles Shapiro

Western Hemisphere Affairs

Watch Video (57:10)

Poetry Slam Poet, Jan Willis Renowned Wesleyan Scholar, author and professor of religion Jan Willis visits Eastern. Jake Adam York Michael Shuman Federico Subervi

Marilyn Nelson

Poetry Slam

Watch Video (1:17:41)

Jan Willis

Literature Readings
Watch Video (1:14:08)

Jake Adam York

Poetry Readings
Watch Video (36:45)

Michael Shuman

Literature Readings
Watch Video (1:07:52)

Federico Subervi

Mass Media and Latino Politics
Watch Video (47:48)

Tenzin Wangchuk Craig Hotchkiss Craig Hotchkiss, education program manager for the Twain House and Museum discusses the transformation of Samuel Clemens into Mark Twain. Khurshed Rastomji Farai Chideya Fari Chideya, a culture critic and correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR).

Tenzin Wangchuk

Artist Presentation
Watch Video (1:02:25)

Craig Hotchkiss

Mark Twain House
Watch Video (54:03)

Panel Discussion

Human Rights &:Immigration

Watch Video (42:31)

Dr. Khurshed Rastomji

Music Studies Presentation
Watch Video (57:53)

Farai Chideya

NPR Correspondent
Watch Video (50:25)

Empty Dahr Jamail Carl Safina How the Ocean is Changing and What It Means for You; Carl Safina Carlos Ojeda, Jr. Carlos Ojeda, Jr. discusses strategies to empower and engage Latino students.

Dahr Jamail

Reinventing Journalism

Watch Video (1:23:58)

Artists Panel

American Identity
Watch Video (56:23)

Reanae McNeal

Inspirational Speaker
Watch Video (46:26)

Dr. Carl Safina

How the Ocean is Changing

Watch Video (57:53)

Carlos Ojeda, Jr.

Engaging Latino Students
Watch Video (41:14)

Courtney M. Leonard Al Duncan Samira Abbassey Repairing Spinal Cord Injuries using Fruit Flies; Marc Freeman Empty Jeff Benedict

Courtney M. Leonard

Artist Presentation
Watch Video (1:03:00)

Al Duncan

Motivational Speaker
Watch Video (1:01:19)

Samira Abbassey

Artisit Presentation
Watch Video (43:20)

Marc Freeman

Repairing Spinal Cord Injuries
Watch Video (47:45)

Jeff Benedict

Kelo vs New London Case

Watch Video (52:10)

Antonio Martorel Dr. Helen Barrett discusses the use of electronic portfolios in education. Empty James Carlton

Panel Discussion

Who Wrote Shakespeare

Watch Video (34:10)

Antonio Martorell

Artisit Presentation
Watch Video (47:48)

Dr. Helen Barrett

Using Electronic Portfolios

Watch Video (43:09)

James T. Carlton

Ocean Ecology & Conservation

Watch Video (52:59)

Beverly York

Windham Textile Museum
Watch Video (2:42)

Empty Julie Rodriguez Paul Kellstedt, author and professor of political science at Texas A&M University, will lecture at Eastern Connecticut State University on Oct. 14 as part of Eastern's University Hour series. Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus. A discussion with Paul Kellstedt. Beverly York Lisa Guernsey Lisa Guernsey discusses how television screen time effects children, birth to age 5.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez

Academic & Civic Engagement

Watch Video (1:02:53)

Paul Kellstedt

Men-Mars/Women- Venus?

Watch Video (42:48)

Beverly York

Windham Region Exploration

Watch Video (46:00)

Lisa Guernsey

Screen Time and Children

Watch Video (45:36)

Bill Nye

Changing The World

Watch Video (01:04:07)

NY Alternatives to Death Penalty

Death Penalty Alternatives
Panel Discussion
Watch Video (50:44)

Pre-Law Society

Panel Discussion

Watch Video (1:12:34)

Job Ready Communities

Community Engagement
Watch Video (2:04:22)

Art Munin

Razing Priveleged Conscious
Watch Video (47:53)

John Mandelman


Watch Video (52:14)

Jeff Fuhrer

Jeffrey C. Fuhrer

Federal Reserve Bank Boston
Watch Video (38:08)

M.T. Anderson

Literature Reading

Watch Video (45:30)

Lynn Maxfield

Vocal Health and Hygiene

Watch Video (38:56)

Jennifer McGowan

Literature Reading

Watch Video (46:22)

Hassani Pettiford

Mending Connections
Watch Video (56:50)

Lisa Taylor & Geraldine Mills

Visiting Writers Reading
Watch Video (47:25)

Teresa Younger

Leaders of Civic Engagement
Watch Video (45:47)

Robert Gagne

Green Campus Conference
Watch Video (26:42)

Financing Green Campus Proj

Introductory Remarks
Watch Video (29:32)

Anthony Cortese

Keynote/Pres. Second Nature

Watch Video (15:24)

Chris Halpin

 President, Celtic Energy
Watch Video (16:53)

Robert Keefrider

Director, Fuel Cell Energy
Watch Video (20:13)

Robert Pratt

CEO Greener U
Watch Video (29:02)

Financing Green Campus Proj

Panel Discussion
Watch Video (16:13)

Nancy Tinker

 Green Campus Conference
Watch Video (10:23)

Alex Kragie, Lynn Stoddard

Connecticut DEP
Watch Video (34:39)

David Ljundquist

Energy Finance and Investment
Watch Video (27:12)

Keith Bolender

Cuba and Terrorism
Watch Video (54:20)

Labor Relations and Unions

Panel Discussion
Watch Video (53:44)

Guy Landy Hazoume

Beninese Ambassador
Watch Video (21:28)


Andrea Herrera

Artist Presentation
Watch Video (50:45)

Artist Tony Ferraiolo

Akus Gallery

Watch Video (00:49:12)

Marion Parks

Honorary Lecture

Watch Video (01:10:32)

Women of Color

Panel Discussion

Watch Video (1:07:32)


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