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N.Matthews & N.Simon

Creating a Dialogue
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Edmond Chibeau

Teaching Writing Creatively
Watch Video (19:58)

B. Lynch and K. Dugan

Inclusive Learning
Watch Video (41:47)

Miriam Chirico

"As You Like It"

Watch Video (41:29)

L Lanagan-Leitzel & Anita Lee Lifeguard Surveillance

Watch Video (37:36)

Camille Z. Charles

"Taming the River"

Watch Video (1:18:38)

F.Loxsom, A.Citurs,N.Tummers

Service Learning Projects

Watch Video (1:04:29)

Caitlan Stewart

Fostering Classroom Discussion

Watch Video (32:36)

Benjamin Pauley

Google Books
Watch Video (58:52)

Lindsey Lanagan Leitzel Research Reassigned Time
Watch Video (18:22)

Charlie Wynn

Karl Stocker

Student Relativism
Watch Video (18:39)

Charles Wynn

Let There Be Evolution
Watch Video (48:49)

Nanette Tummers

Stress Less
Watch Video (40:04)

Dwight Bachman

Working with News Media
Watch Video (21:00)

Gail Gelburd

Traditions of Cuban Art

Watch Video (38:20)

David Stoloff
2009 Summer Institute

Watch Video (26:07)

N.Tummers,M.Lance, C.Amato

The Sisterhood Project

Watch Video (32:29)

Herzog, Palumbo, Simoni


Watch Video (48:51)

Gary Rommel, Joel Rosiene Two Perspectives of LAP 130

Watch Video (31:33)

Brian Lashley

Graduation & Retention Rates

Watch Video (44:30)

"Our Trip to Ghana

Dennis Canterbury
Watch Video (35:53)

Hebert and Hornung

1st Generation Student Service

Watch Video (47:44)

Julia DeLapp

e-Clips & Community Needs

Watch Video (39:25)

Cid, Koirala, Davis

Retention & Graduation
Watch Video (28:48)

DeLapp, Anderberg, Ruby

Professional Development

Watch Video (41:12)


Tara Hurt

Library Archives

Watch Video (47:43)

Eric Martin

Change in the Balkans
Watch Video (50:50)

T. Broffman & R. Wolf

Gambling Problem Survey

Watch Video (52:14)

Edmond Chibeau

Engaged Learning
Watch Video (21:40)



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