Scholarships at Eastern


Scholarships at Eastern


Scholarships are our greatest need and a special way for you to make a direct impact on a student’s life. What can be more impactful than making an exceptional education possible for deserving students?

Your support of scholarships helps Eastern close the gap between a student’s financial aid package and financial need, which in turn allows the university to attract and support the most talented and well-deserving undergraduate students.  As the value of an Eastern degree has increased over the years, so has its cost. Eastern is committed to keeping the doors of opportunity open and making education affordable to all who qualify.

 ECSU Foundation, Inc.

“Creating Opportunities”


  • 75% of students enrolled at Eastern are eligible for financial aid.
  • $700,000 in Foundation scholarships were awarded in Fall 2018
  • Over 300 students per year received a Foundation scholarship in fiscal year 2015 through fiscal year 2019
  • $25,000 is the minimum gift required to create a named, endowed scholarship fund and can be donated as a lump sum, spreadover three to five years, or pledged as part of a planned gift.