Roland A. DePratti, M.Sc.
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Science Bldg 168 (860) 578-7315
deprattir [at] easternct.edu



Hi, I am an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Eastern Connecticut State University and my specialty is the many ways we manage data. Whether the data are your grades, what you purchased online, your medical records, or your history of scores on Tetris and Angry Bird, they are all forms of data and they can be very valuable if managed wisely.

Why Should I Be Interested in Data Management

For many years, we have been managing data successfully using a core set of theories, principles, and practices defined in the 1970s. Like so many other things, the Internet changed everything. The shear volume of data available due to the Internet has exploded. The theories and practices needed to successfully manage that flood is quickly developing driven by such notable players as Google, Yahoo, IBM and Oracle.  Work in this field overlaps Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Ethics.