Garrett Dancik

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Garrett M. Dancik, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science/Bioinformatics
Department of Computer Science
Science Bldg 257
(860) 465-4587
dancikg [at]


Hi, there! I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science/Bioinformatics at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, CT and am excited to be bringing Bioinformatics to Eastern. This page contains some basic information about my teaching and research interests.

Update: A Bioinformatics minor is now available at Eastern!

What is bioinformatics?

If you are interested in a career that combines computers, mathematics, and biology, then Bioinformatics may be for you. Bioinformatics is a relatively new interdisciplinary field that uses computational and mathematical tools to organize, sift through, and make sense of biological data (e.g., DNA and protein sequences). Common bioinformatics applications include identifying genes in a newly sequenced genome, predicting protein structure/function from a DNA or mRNA sequence, and identifying biomarkers based on the differences in gene expression patterns between individuals with and without cancer. Interested students are encouraged to major in Computer Science, Biology, or Mathematics and complete the Bioinformatics minor at Eastern.

Students: Research opportunities in Bioinformatics are available. Please contact me for more information if you are interested.

Click here for a presentation that I gave to the Mathematical Biology class, 4/17/2015.

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