Submission FAQs

Do you need to be previously published to be considered by CR?
No. We read manuscripts from both well known authors and authors just entering the field.

What is the reading period?
We read manuscripts from September 1 through May 15. Please don't send manuscripts after May 15 or before September 1. We use the summer to catch up on our other work and will have to return the manuscript to you and ask you to resubmit.

How many manuscripts do you read a year?
We read about 2,000 manuscripts a year at this point.

Do you solicit work?
We occasionally do solicit work. However the editorial board must agree to take the piece. More than 80 to 90 percent of our published pieces come to us unsolicited.

Who does the reading and how are the selections made?
All pieces are read by at least one board member and selections must be approved by two and in cases of disagreement by all four members of the board.

How long does it take to hear a response from CR?
It make take as long as five months, but generally about three months. One of the reasons for this is the nature of our board.

We have to move the manuscripts around among the four campuses and the CSU central office in Hartford for evaluation and processing. That takes time.

Do you reprint pieces that have been published elsewhere?
No, with maybe a very rare exception every few years for some special reason. We are looking for original work and First Time North American rights to publish that work.

Do you pay for work?
Unfortunately, no, other than two contributor's copies which will be sent within a few weeks after the issue containing the author's work appears.

What kind of work are you looking for?
Fiction--Literary fiction. This can range from slice-of-life fiction to experimental. We are also looking for particulary well-wrought short shorts (flash fiction, micro fiction).

Poetry--High quality, evocative and well-made poetry of all types. They are generally short, though we will consider an exceptional long poem.

Plays--We do take short plays but we are particular that they read like literature on the page.

Essays--We take a wide-range of creative essays, from personal takes on works of art and issues, to pieces that ride the line between essay and fiction.

Translations--Translations of literature or essays from any language. Please tell us something about yourself and about the original author when you submit. Please be sure you have in hand the original author's permission to print the work before you submit.

Articles--We're looking for scholarly articles in the field of humanities. But we would also like to see pieces in science if they are geared to the general reader and take up interesting intellectual and philosophical issues. Art, music, socialogy. Virtually any field is acceptable with the caveat that the subject and style must be able to engage the non specialist.

What are you looking for in visual art?
We have maintained high quality production for both color and black and white. We are looking for fine art quality work by serious artists. Because of the format of the magazine, we prefer pieces with a vertical orientation. Artists featured in the center section and on the cover are asked to give us aesthetic statements about their work, which we also publish.