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Spring 2012 Cuba (CLOSED)
ART 316

Spring 2012
ART 316--Art and Travel: Cuba (3 credits)
Permission of Instructor required.  
May 19 – 29, 2012
Cost:  $2900, all inclusive

Contact: Dr. Gail Gelburd, Chair of Visual Arts, or (860) 465-0195


An inside look at the forbidden Island of Cuba. Only 90 miles from U.S. shores, but only few Americans have seen it. Cuba has just reopened for educational tours this year. Eastern students will be there for ten days and during the Havana Biennale! 




  • Listen to the sound of music, Afro-Cuban drums,  and salsa dancing on the Malecon by the sea
  • By day visit the Havana Biennale – one of the largest art festivals in the world; featuring art of Asia, Africa, and Latin America (an event that only happens once every three years).
  • This is a country with the highest literacy rate in the world, known for its bio-medical research centers, Jazz, and a land that preserves old American cars as they hand-roll their cigars.
  • Step back in time to a world without commercials and advertisements and yet some of the most innovative art in the world.
  • Visit the home of Hemmingway, but also go behind the scenes of the Biennale, to the homes and studios of some of today’s most important Contemporary artists.
  • Travel through the countryside to a town known for its connections to Santeria, or another known for its connections to the French that once populated the island.
  • Travel will be with a faculty member who has been going to Cuba for twenty years, who will share with you not only the history, art, and culture, but will also take you behind the scenes to meet the Cuban people and to visit their homes and studios.