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    Nepal 2012 Summer Trip Forming Now!

Global Field Course in Nepal in the Summer!

View the course overview PDF here!

Dates: May 14- 25, 2012

Total Cost: $3,200 (not including tuition)

Itinerary currently being developed.


Course: PSY 460 Comparative Health Psychology
(3 Credits)

For More Information Contact:

Carlos Escoto, Ph.D.:


Trip Highlights

  • Located between India and China, Nepal is approximately the size of Arkansas.
  • Nepal has 1/3 of the Himalayas within its boundaries, including eight of the world's tallest mountains.
  • The republic of Nepal’s health care system is predominately government funded but suffers from a lack of technology, hospitals and trained health care professionals.
  • Key health concerns in Nepal are maternal healthcare, immunizations, prevention of malaria, encephalitis, and HIV/AIDS.
  • You will visit a hospital, a free health clinic, a shelter, the Ayurvedic clinic, a high school and a psychiatric hospital.

  •   Sightsee in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara and Dhulikhel and learn about
      health from a psychological, sociological, and educational point of view.