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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What is our goal? 
Our   goal  is to  promote a broader   world  view  for students  that  includes an understanding  and  appreciation of diversity and knowledge of other cultures. 

How could you benefit from the program? 
W.H.   Auden  20th-century  English  poet  said,  ''civilization  should  be  measured  by  the  degree  of  diversity attained  and  the  degree of unity retained''.  We at GFC believe that being exposed to various cultures can be of tremendous benefit to all the students  who engage in this program.  An  international experience  provides  greater  personal  marketing  capabilities for the student  seeking  employment, and gives them  exposure  to  different  styles  of  academic  instruction and  training.

What are the educational advantages of a Global Field Course (GFC)? 
It provides you the  opportunity  to experience  the  lifestyle   and  other  cultural practices outside of your  comfort  zone.

How do I determine what Global Field Course I should apply for? 
Students from all academic major programs are eligible for Global Field Courses.   Check the offerings for current Global Field Courses in your major.

How do I apply for a Global Field Course? 
Read all the information on the Global Field Courses webpages and fill out the Global Field Courses Application form.  For further questions, call at 860-465-0206 or email at

How many credits can a full-time student take without having to pay more money?

A full-time student can take up to and including 18 credits.  After 18, they pay additionally by credit hour.

Are Scholarships Available?

For information about scholarships, go here.