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Health Requirements

In any one semester the following applies: For anyone taking solely online courses, the University mandated health requirement will be waived. However, if you take any courses in person, you must complete the state and University mandated health requirements. Not doing so will prevent you from registering for additional courses or receiving your grades. You can find the health requirements at the Student Health Service website, click on “Health Entrance Requirements."

Course Cancellation

A course may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. The decision to cancel is usually made one week prior to the beginning of a course. The Dean of the School of Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel a course or to make necessary schedule changes.

Credit Course Limit


A student can take a maximum of 11 credits per term without formal admission to Eastern Connecticut State University.  Any student carrying fewer than 12 credits is a "part-time" student in the School of Continuing Education.


During the summer, a student can take a maximum of 12 credits overall for the entire summer without special permission from the Dean of the School of Continuing Education.  Credit limits for Summer Sessions are: (a) through the end of Summer Session A, students may take up to seven (7) credits; (b) during Summer Sessions B & C, students may take up to seven (7) credits.  Note: a student enrolled in Summer Session C (three weeks) may not also enroll in an overlapping weeklong, intensive course. The Dean of the School of Continuing Education may approve a registration for up to three additional credits for a total of 15 credits provided that the student is in good academic standing.


During WinterSession, a student may enroll for a maximum of four (4) credits.  In rare instances, a student can be given permission by the Dean of the School of Continuing Education to enroll for up to a total of seven (7) credits for the entire WinterSession provided that: (a) the courses are offered sequentially; and (b) the student completed the first course with a grade B or higher, or the student's overal GPA is in good academic standing.

All students who wish to exceed the credit limits must get written approval from their faculty advisor before requesting permission from the Dean of the School of Continuing Education.  Approval of the Dean is required before registrations will be processed by the Registrar's Office.


Final Grades

Grade reports are not mailed to students.

Access eWeb, Click “Login”; Enter your User ID (Student ID); Enter your PIN; Select mid-term or final grades from the menu. Note, if this is your first log-on, your pin was initialized as your DOB, in a MMDDYY format (ex. 030681) or the last six digits of your Eastern ID. The system will immediately expire your PIN and request you change your PIN. Your new PIN must be a 6-digit number.

EasternOnline Tuition Refund Policy


EasternOnline Tuition Refund Policy Part-Time Students for Fall and Spring


  • 100% refund through the first week of the semester ending on the first Saturday
  • 60% refund through the second week of the semester ending on the second Saturday
  • 40% refund through the fourth week of the semester ending on the fourth Saturday


EasternOnline Tuition Refund Policy for All Students for Winter

  • Course Drop w/Refund                          100% through December 21
  •                                                             60% through December 23
  • Course Withdrawal (WP/WF) w/Refund:   40% December 24 - December 27
  • Course Withdrawal Deadline                    January 6
  • Credit/No Credit Deadline                        January 6

EasternOnline Tuition Refund Policy for All Students for Summer

Term Length 100% Refund 60% Refund 40% Refund No Refund
Three Weeks Days 1-2 3-4 5 After Day 5
Four Weeks Days 1-3 4-5 6-7 After Day 7
Five Weeks Days 1-3 4-6 7-9 After Day 9
Six Weeks Days 1-4 5-7 8-10 After Day 10

Please note: No other refund options are available.  Reimbursements may take up to one month to be processed. The $50 per course online registration fee is non-refundable.



To drop an EasternOnline course

  1. Print out and complete an Initial Add & Drop Form (PDF).
  2. Fax the completed form to the School of Continuing Education at (860) 465-0062.
  3. No grade will be recorded.

To withdraw from an EasternOnline course

1.    Complete the attached a withdrawal form. Word Doc

2.    Email your professor and advisor letting them know you are withdrawing

       from the course.  Attach to the email the withdrawal form (with the

       course info etc.) and copy Gloria Roby at

3.    When Mrs. Roby receives a copy of the email sent to Professor and advisor she will follow up with

       them and process your withdrawal.


Withdrawals from full-semester courses are not permitted beyond the deadline.  If you do not officially withdraw, but stop attending classes, you will receive a grade of “F”.  *See the academic calendar for drop/withdrawal dates for 5 week, 7 week, and 10 week courses.



Prerequisite Course Policy

The prerequisite requirement for a course identifies prior courses or experience expected to provide the background necessary to successfully complete that course. It is the student's responsibility to satisfy prerequisites prior to registering for a course. If the student has not taken the prerequisite course either at ECSU or an equivalent course at another college or university, written permission from the department chair or the course instructor is required to register for the course. You may not be able to register over the web if you do not have a prerequisite. Call the School of Continuing Education for assistance: (860) 465-5125.